April 11, 2016

About ApprenticeVA

There is currently a shortage of skilled Information Technology (IT) and Advanced Manufacturing (AM) workers in Virginia. Through registered apprenticeships, we are working to build a pipeline of workers to help move Virginia’s manufacturing industry forward.

The Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) is proud to partner with Danville Community College and Southside Virginia Community College to offer Apprentice Virginia (ApprenticeVA). Through ApprenticeVA, the partner colleges are providing high-quality pre-apprenticeship courses, customized training and traditional credit courses for use as part of registered apprenticeship programs that will train and grow the region’s workforce.

ApprenticeVA provides many benefits for our region’s manufacturing employers and employees. Through our strong relationships with top manufacturing employers and the Virginia Manufacturers Association, we’ve created an unmatched apprenticeship curriculum. In addition to credit courses and other employer specific material, this curriculum is used to create and implement registered apprenticeship programs, tailored to each partner employer’s workforce needs.

The partner colleges of ApprenticeVA were among only 46 national institutions to receive a grant to implement ApprenticeVA.  Once registered with The Virginia Dept. of Labor and Industry as a sponsor of registered apprenticeship, new partner employers can sign up their employees for courses, at no charge for the first two years of training through the $2.9 million ApprenticeVA grant.

Program Offerings

By having employees participate in registered apprenticeship, employers can experience the benefits of a more productive, highly skilled workforce and reduced turnover. Registered apprentices can benefit from learning new skills, increased wages, career advancement, and receive credit toward an Associate in Applied Science Degree. We also offer a pre-apprenticeship program for ambitious job seekers who are ready to enter a new and exciting career they can be proud of.

Courses include hands-on learning, as well as classroom exercises, and in some cases online learning. All programs are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of partnering businesses, and to help students reach their full potential.

Our current pre-apprenticeship and registered apprenticeship class offerings include:

  • MT1
  • John Tyler Community College – Career Studies Certificates (CSCs)
  • ToolingU.com

Occupations requiring/requesting MT1 certification:

  • Machine Operator
  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Chemical Operator
  • Machinist
  • Mechanical Maintenance

Occupations requiring/requesting IT pre-apprenticeship:

  • Systems Analyst
  • Computer Programmer

We are currently accepting students in our pre-apprenticeship courses and seeking Advanced Manufacturing (AM) and Information Technology (IT) businesses with which to partner and create new registered apprenticeship training programs. To learn more about becoming an apprentice click here.

If your business or organization is interested in building a registered apprenticeship program, download the ApprenticeVA Toolkit and view our employers page.

To learn more about exciting apprenticeship program pathways, please contact:

Kelly Arnold
Apprenticeship Coordinator
Phillip Baughman
Apprenticeship Coordinator
John McGarry
Apprenticeship Coordinator