June 13, 2016

Become an Apprentice

An apprenticeship program registered with the Virginia Dept. of Labor and Industry and partnered with Apprentice VA can provide Advanced Manufacturing (AM) employees with valuable and unique skills to help them reach their full potential. We offer courses at all four of our participating colleges including Danville Community College, Southside Virginia Community College, and CCWA partners John Tyler Community College and Reynolds Community College.

Student Benefits

Manufacturing is a thriving industry with numerous job opportunities for ambitious candidates. There are jobs available, waiting to be filled! Becoming an apprentice in the AM industry provides you with a career path for success. Students participating in registered apprenticeship programs can earn certificates, diplomas, and even associate degrees, all while paving a career path to better wages and greater opportunities.

As a registered apprentice you can gain –

  • Increased skills and opportunities
  • Higher wages in a growing industry
  • National credentials
  • Career advancement

We are currently accepting students in our pre-apprenticeship courses and seeking AM and IT businesses with which to partner and develop registered apprenticeship training programs. If you are not currently working for one of our partner employers, but wish to begin an exciting career path as an apprentice, then learn more about pre-apprenticeship training.  If you work for one our partnering employers, and wish to become enrolled in an apprenticeship program, learn how you can become an apprentice today.

Get Started as a Pre-Apprentice

A registered apprenticeship can be the first step toward building your career in a well-paying, respectable industry. There is currently a shortage of skilled IT and AM workers in Virginia, with jobs waiting to be filled.

Are you interested in becoming an registered apprentice but don’t work for a participating employer? Potential students who are not current employees can participate in pre-apprenticeship training and entry level assessments to help determine their abilities, enabling them to develop a career plan that maximizes their potential.

Participants will be guided into career pathways that best match their interests and abilities. After completing pre-apprentice training, participants move into an IT or AM career pathway, often as a registered apprentice. Individuals will be encouraged to pursue pathways that will provide the most significant levels of career advancement.

The AM pre-apprenticeship path often begins with students completing the MT1 certification, a nationally-recognized manufacturing credential developed by the Virginia Manufacturers Association.

Students who take the IT career path begin their training with “IT boot camp” to help them prepare for their apprenticeships.

For pre-apprenticeship training, and to take the first step on your path to a better career , please contact:

Kelly Arnold
Apprenticeship Coordinator
Phillip Baughman
Apprenticeship Coordinator
John McGarry
Apprenticeship Coordinator