Apprenticeship programs re-emerge with stronger ROI for companies

The U.S. still lags behind other nations concerning apprenticeships. But can it catch up? Around the U.S., companies are waking up to the ROI potential that such programs offer. While apprenticeships have traditionally focused on blue-collar occupations, there are a growing number of industries that are focused on training the next generation of skilled professionals.[…]

#ApprenticeshipWorks Around the World

We know that apprenticeship works. We’ve seen firsthand how apprenticeship models succeed in countries likeSwitzerland, Germany and the U.K. We’ve seen apprenticeship programs provide new and exciting opportunities for workers in the United States. And that’s why apprenticeship is a solution that we’re promoting both at home and abroad for a thriving 21st century workforce.[…]

Scaling Up Apprenticeships at Home: Lessons from Abroad

Apprenticeships offer high quality training that combines work-based learning with academic instruction. They raise the earnings of workers and reduce skill shortages experienced by firms. The Labor Department’s Office of Apprenticeship is leading the effort to increase the numbers and widen the occupational coverage of U.S. apprenticeships with demonstration grants, enhanced technical assistance, and the development of[…]