December 9, 2015

Employer Partner

Registered apprenticeship programs are a proven approach for training employees, providing employers with a skilled workforce in the IT and Advanced Manufacturing (AM) industries. New registered apprenticeship programs working with ApprenticeVA can provide employers with long-term solutions to manufacturing and IT workforce problems. We partner with employers to create customized apprenticeship programs—creating and supporting a pipeline of trained workers with skillsets specific to that company’s needs.

Employer Benefits

Businesses that use apprenticeships reduce worker turnover by fostering greater employee loyalty, all while increasing productivity, and improving their bottom lines. The registered apprenticeship programs feature an employer-driven model that combines on-the-job training with classroom instruction. We work with you to identify the skills and knowledge that apprentices must learn while providing industry and workforce specific expertise, including curriculum development. This method has been proven to help businesses recruit, train, and retain highly skilled workers.

Our partner institutions, CCWA, Danville Community College and Southside Virginia Community College, have the tools and expertise necessary to ensure your employees meet the unique requirements and expectations of your business. We provide an unmatched curriculum with training on the most advanced equipment, allowing companies the choice to either utilize our facilities, or train in-house.

Successful apprenticeships are born from collaboration – we provide partners with:

  • Customized certificate programs for employees based on for-credit classes, or we will assist you in developing non-credit programs to augment our existing programs.
  • Technical support with start-up of apprenticeship programs, including assistance with Virginia Dept. of Labor and Industry registration.
  • Coordination of apprentice related instruction (ARI) for partnering employers.
  • Unrivaled quality standards through our expert staff, advanced facilities and years of experience.

How to Get Started

With ApprenticeVA, businesses can either hire new, ambitious job seekers, or select current employees to be apprentices. Apprenticeships are an excellent way to reward high-performing entry-level employees and help them to move up the career ladder. The first two years of any apprenticeship related instruction will be completely paid for through the ApprenticeVA grant, while partnering employers will cover costs for the third or fourth years of apprenticeships, if necessary.  Read more in the ApprenticeVA Toolkit.

The Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) course is a great starting point for an apprenticeship in AM.  It is often required coursework for a registered apprenticeship program in AM. MT1 was developed by the Virginia Manufacturers Association, and has since become a nationally-recognized, highly-regarded credential. It provides workers in all fields with a strong foundation to begin their journey through the apprenticeship process. Learn more about MT1 training.

Employer Testimonials

See what some of our Registered Apprenticeship Partners have to say about their experience:

“After training nearly 40 apprentices, we adopted the Manufacturing Technician 1 certification as a preferred skill for new hire employees. Integrating MT1 certifications and the apprenticeship program into the strategy for improving people capability has allowed the site to reduce training time for base level assignments and focus classroom training on more advanced processes and skills.”

DuPont Protection Solutions, Richmond, VA

If you are interested in partnering with us to develop an Apprenticeship Program to train your employees, please contact:

Kelly Arnold
Apprenticeship Coordinator
Phillip Baughman
Apprenticeship Coordinator
John McGarry
Apprenticeship Coordinator